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Ambulance Services & Vehicles

Ambulance Services & Vehicles

Sagar health seva foundation provides ambulance services 24/7

"We Aim to completely utilize our services for the benefits of Humankind.Our services are renowned due to their reliability, comfort level,efficiency etc, Though at present we are catering to the subcontinent, our brand name keeps on growing with each passing day and we are keen to increase our quality services"

Our ambulances contain all the modern equipments necessary for the patients, (first-aid kit) And our medical team is hard working enough to retain customers faith in us

  • Ambulance A/C Tempo traveller
  • Ambulance non A/C Tempo traveller
  • Ambulance Omni
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Deadbody Freezer Containers

Sagar health seva foundation provides Deadbody Freezer Containers services 24/7.

Deadbody Freezer containers are freezers within a steel box with glass covering. they are used to prevent the dead body decomposing at your residence. Freezer containers are used to transfer the body with delicacy, and also ensure proper measures against decomposition which is the most important factor when moving over long distances.

  • Cold Maintainace is also available
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