Ambulance Service

You or your loved one facing an emergency medical situation and do not know what to do? If the patient is in serious discomfort, it is best to call an ambulance as soon as possible. Our ambulance services are unmatched in terms of response time and the quality of the emergency healthcare professional that will assist the patient. The ambulance will be fully stacked all the time with whatever resources needed for any kind of emergency situation. So, if you are facing any emergency health situation, save precious time and call Sagar Health Seva’s helpline to deal with the situation.

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The initial reaction time to an emergency health issue is really important. All you need to do is call us on 1800-212-6868 & our emergency response team will note down your address and level of emergency based on the health condition

Assign Ambulance

Once the details have been noted down, our well-equipped ambulance will be on its way to your location as soon as possible. Our ambulance operators are well trained and can bring you back to the emergency centre in the least amount of time

In Ambulance Treatment

All our ambulances are equipped with ICR services and an emergency response team. This can act as the difference between life and death. They will provide emergency treatment sufficient till you reach the hospital

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